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For the Special Collections & Archives

Here are the policies and procedures for using materials in Special Collections and Archives.

Using Materials in Special Collections and Archives

Special Collections and Archives welcomes the use of its materials by anyone. One of the major misconceptions people have about archival materials is that they are only useful to historians. University faculty, staff, students, and administrators are primary users of the collections, but nearly half of our researchers are from the general public: family historians and genealogists, local historians, high school students, property owners, lawyers, journalists, writers, city planners, and architects to name a few.

Researchers are encouraged to explain their project or interests to staff. This can take five minutes or an hour depending on the complexity of the project. Consulting staff will discuss your project and research strategy and suggest sources available to support the project. Once sources have been identified they will be retrieved for your use.

Because of the nature of these materials, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Each user must complete an annual registration form and show a UW-Eau Claire ID or photo ID.

  • All users are required to store backpacks, purses, and briefcases in the lockers provided.

  • Collections must be used on-site and are not available for checkout.

  • No pens are allowed in the research area.

  • Researchers are allowed to use all digital cameras (without flash), to create personal research copies of items from the collection. Any use of other personal scanning devices or equipment must first be approved by staff.

  • Researchers are encouraged to bring flash drives in order to save scanned copies of items.

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