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Records Management Services

The Records Center provides storage for official UW-Eau Claire records with established retention periods. Records Management Services are available to both academic and administrative departments/units on campus. Records management staff is available to consult on records related issues and help interpret the UW-System records schedules. To submit records to the Records Center, please click on the button “Submit Records” below to begin processing new records for transfer into the Records Center.

Search the Records Schedules Submit Records for Storage

Notice: As many UW-Eau Claire employees are working remotely, we remind you that written communications, documents and recordings created by employees and relating to university business must be retained and made available to the public upon request according to the applicable records retention policy, regardless of whether employees are working on campus or remotely.

Work related items created on university sponsored and non-university sponsored web communications tools like Skype, BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, *Microsoft Office365, etc., such as chats and recordings, are records and may be subject to public records requests.

* Microsoft Office365 has the following additional considerations that users should be aware of regarding forwarding University Email to personal email accounts:

  • Forwarding Email from your University Email account (<user-name> to a personal email account (,,, etc) could potentially cause your personal Email account(s) to be included in an open records request. 
  • The University may be required to compel you to comply with the release of information stored in your personal Email accounts or on your personal devices should you choose to utilize them to conduct university business.
  • You should also consider your obligations of protecting student privacy under FERPA rules. 

For reference, see also:

Please consider the implications of forwarding UW-Eau Claire Email messages to personal Email accounts.

For more information about your records responsibilities during the COVID-19 crisis, please contact the University Records Officer, Sarah Beer (

We are responsible for:

  • Campus-wide retention scheduling for official UW-Eau Claire records
  • Campus-wide forms management
  • Operation of the campus Records Center

UW-Eau Claire personnel create records, in any format, in the course of university business for administrative, fiscal, and legal purposes. The primary value of these official records is for use by the university office of origin to better serve the UW-Eau Claire community and to ensure compliance with federal, state, and UW System regulations.

Records Management Services, in consultation with the UW-Eau Claire University Archives, UW System General Council, Wisconsin Historical Society, and other state and university regulatory agencies, is responsible for establishing retention periods for official UW-Eau Claire records

Records Management Training

Records management is an important responsibility of all state employees. The training module below, available to all UW-Eau Claire employees, can help you better understand the basics of Wisconsin’s public records laws.

Training Module

UW-Eau Claire Records Management Schedules

UW-Eau Claire employees must adhere to the approved schedules adopted by the UW-System and approved by the State of Wisconsin’s Public Records Board. Information about these schedules, includes a search tool and downloadable copies of the full schedules, is available from the following UW-System Page: General Records Schedules for the UW System.


Schofield 44
(Entrance is off the main hallway between the basement of Schofield and the Old Library, at the bottom of the ramp.)

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