Article Link Generator

Article Link Generator

Use the Article Link Generator to create links to articles in library databases that you can include in D2L, webpages, etc. To create a link you must find the persistent, or stable, URL assigned to the article (see instructions below). Type or copy and paste the persistent URL into the box below. Click GO to generate a new URL that will work on and off campus for those with a UW-Eau Claire account. This new URL can be pasted into D2L, web pages, emails, etc., and will prompt users for a UWEC login to connect to articles. Please check the link's functionality.

  1. Go to the article
  2. Find the persistent link
  3. Paste URL into the top link box
  4. Click on the Go button
  5. Copy the URL in the bottom "use this URL to link" box

How to find persistent URLs for articles by database

  • EBSCOhost: In an article record, click the "Permalink" box in the right sidebar. Right-click and copy the link that appears in the "Permalink" pop-up box.
  • JSTOR: In an article record, look for the link beneath "Published by." Highlight the link and right-click to copy.
  • ProQuest: In an article record, look for the link at the end of the article or bottom of the page and highlight the link and right-click to copy.
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