Computers in the Library

McIntyre Library Services

McIntyre Library provides access to computers for both students and community members, as well as wireless access for laptops.

Computers for Students

Most of the Library's 145 computers are purchased and maintained through Student Technology Fees, rather than tuition or tax revenues. The computers provide access to the library's catalog and databases, word processing software, and other UW-Eau Claire licensed software. Laptops and iPads are available via the Student Equipment Checkout Program.

There are also group study computer stations set up on the first and second floors of the library with seating for up to 4 people.  Two stations on the first floor allow students to connect their laptops and share the information on the screens with the other group members. 

All students are required to abide by the Campus Computer & Network Usage Guidelines and must log in with their university username and password.

Computers for Community Members

The Library provides a few computers to community members through a guest login. During periods of high demand, access to community use computers may be limited to students, faculty and staff, and individuals accessing the Federal depository library collection. All community members engaged in chatting, gaming, and recreational emailing will be asked to leave. All users are required to abide by the Campus Computer & Network Usage Guidelines.

Wireless Access for Laptops

Wireless access to the campus network is available throughout the building. Students can check out laptop computers from the Student Equipment Checkout counter adjacent to the Circulation Desk. You can also bring in your own laptop with a wireless card and gain access to the network. If you are joining the wireless network for the first time, please visit LTS Networking to set up your device on the network. All users are required to abide by the Campus Computer & Network Usage Guidelines.

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