Blugold Makerspace Equipment & Materials

What is available in the Makerspace?

The Blugold Makerspace has a variety of equipment and materials available for the campus community to use. Wherever possible, we provide material at no cost. When we do charge, it is only enough to keep the space sustainable for future projects.

In this creative space, we know there is no way to predict what direction your creativity will take you. If there are any supplies you feel the space should have available to help you explore, please use the form at the bottom of the page to suggest it to us. 

Some of the available equipment and supplies already available to you are:

The Blugold Makerspace received a large donation of supplies from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Art department to help us get started. We have also purchased additional supplies to round out our offerings for creative projects.

  • A wide variety of acrylic/watercolor paints, palettes, & brushes
  • Wood/super/glitter glue, tape, colored card stock, 
  • Canvases (Available for purchase)
    • 5" x 7" Stretched, Acrylic primed ($1.00)
    • 8" x 10" Stretched, Acrylic primed ($2.00)
    • 11" x 14" Stretched, Acrylic primed ($4.00)
    • 12" x 16" Stretched, Acrylic primed ($5.00)
    • 16" x 20" Stretched, Acrylic primed ($8.00)
    • 5" x 7" Canvas Panel, Acrylic primed ($0.50)
    • 8" x 10" Canvas Panel, Acrylic primed ($1.00)
    • 9" x 12" Canvas Panel, Acrylic primed ($1.50)
    • 11" x 14" Canvas Panel, Acrylic primed ($2.00)
  • Watercolor Sheets (Available for purchase)
    • 9" x 12" ($0.20)
    • 11" x 15" ($0.35)

The Blugold Makerspace has two 3D printers available for campus community use. They are both Prusa i3 MK3 Printers. These printers are available on a first come, first serve basis.

In order to pay for the materials used in 3D printing, we charge $.05/Gram for any print.

Our process for printing involves:

  1. Locating or generating a 3D printing model as an STL(.stl) file. Thingiverse is our primary source of models at this point
  2. Import the STL file into our Prusa slicer program and identify specifics of how the print should be done (supports, brims, layer height, and density). This is then exported as a GCode file (.gcode) that can be read by the printers
  3. Load the GCode file onto the printer's SD card and begin the print
  4. Once printing is complete, the item and support material are weighed and billed to the patron's library account. Fees can be paid at the circulation desk on the library's first floor

We have two options available for using these printers:

  1. Send us a print job and we will print for you (Limited availability based on staff scheduling)
    1. Browse Thingiverse to select an item, then copy the URL to that item
    2. Decide what color you would like to print in
    3. Go to the Makerspace web page and enter your contact information and the color and URL in the message form at the bottom of the page
    4. We will contact you with any questions and inform you of the estimated cost and time to print, along with a suggested pick up time
  2. Print the project yourself
    1. We require a brief 30 minute training course. This will cover the safety concerns of the printers and the software training required to operate them
    2. This is the only way to print custom prints, and you will be expected to pay for failed custom prints

The Blugold Makerspace has 2 sewing machines and a Serger available for use. They are available on a first come, first serve basis and do require training to operate.

In addition to the sewing machines, we also have:

  • Clothes iron and ironing table
  • Rotary cutters, straight edges, and cutting mats
  • Sewing kits that include thread, needles, scissors, seam rippers, pins, and fabric pencils
  • Large assortment of remnant fabrics provided for free use
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